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Jeff Lamm artwork availble at steve brown gallery

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

I just discovered a pretty cool website that has some of Jeff Lamm’s older gocco prints of Greasebat,  screen prints, and the Greasebat vacuum formed mask painted by Jeff! Some really awesome stuff still available at Steve Brown Gallery. And I won’t even hold it against them that they are located in Cleveland!

Monsters In The Mangroves group show at Super7 Florida

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I have 3 pieces in the group show, Monsters In The Mangroves, at Super7 Florida opening on May 15th.

My take on a full size Gargamel hedorah. This is painted up with MK black & silver overtop of a base of glittery red & brown goodness, I added some crazy cat eyes into the mix as well.


A gargamel thrashman painted up with a solid yellow Monster Kolor base with a silver mask and some painted eyes. I kept it simple fo sho. I am really obsessing over yellow & black paint applications. For one, it was all the colors i had around and secondly for Pittsburgh pride! 


5.5 x 14 framed.  Simple Matango illustrations on clear acetate, over top of painted artboard.  Yes, the title is a nod to the germs song , and mushrooms/fungus reminds me of dirty things. hah!


Check out the Super7 Florida website for more details or to purchase said artworks.