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Verboden Kusogon available now!

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

From a Nightmare of heLL.

Verboden Kusogon, an eerie blackwash on vintage orange base vinyl.

Includes extra special harvest omake!

a beaK x Monster Worship samhain release. Get it before it gets you!

Price: $45 each.
Stands approx. 4 in. tall with two points of articulation.
KUSOGON was designed by beaK. Produced by Monster Worship. Made in Japan.
Not intended for children under 14 years old.


NYCC Exclusives now available in the webstore

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

NYCC exclusive Greasebats are sold out!
There are some NYCC Kusogons still available in the webstore:

NYCC Handpainted Kusogons are still available from John at Beak:
Please send him an email if you are interested. They are $65 + shipping.